Ear Devices to Anticipate Your Every Need: How Would Don Draper Handle This?

Q: What if the hearing aid industry  designed its own auditory augmentation “facilitory system” to compete with existing visions on the drawing boards of giant software and consumer electronics companies? That rhetorical question, posed previously, envisioned an industry-wide platform strategy built on existing binaural, Bluetooth-enabled RIC-type products with the requisite amplification features married to emerging…

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Today’s Hearing Aid Buyers

  This week’s post, the 184th post published at Hearing Economics, is written by Dr. Jerry Northern, who returns for another round in the guest contributor ring.  As usual, his timing is perfect.  Hearing Health Matters! is celebrating two milestones today — our millionth page read and our 500,000th unique reader.  What better way to…

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Gaming the (Auditory) System

Today’s post is from Guest Contributor Extraordinaire Harvey Abrams, PhD.  Last time, he treated us to a masterful discussion of Price in the hearing aid industry.  Today he switches gears to talk about brain fitness, health apps, and auditory training in the Internet age.   The Starkey Hearing Blogs ran Dr Abram’s post on July 15, 2014,…

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Back to the Future as Siemens Tries to Check Out

Time and space limits in the last Siemens post forced the future to be postponed.  The future is now as Hearing Economics continues to clear its desk.  Spoiler:  nobody agrees yet on what the future holds for Siemens Audiology or its rascally stepchild Hearing USA. Siemens Makes a Run for It   On May 7, 2014,…

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Hearing Healthcare: Fish or Fowl?

March Phonak-Costco Madness ushered in urgency to the health of hearing healthcare providers.  March Mayhem was foreshadowed for 3 years in Hearing Economics posts, starting with resurrection of 1990s prognostications of professional schizophrenia and bimodalism stemming from creative destruction. And lo, it came to pass as disruptive technologies and economics came among us and we were sore afraid. Otherwise,…

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