Supply and Demand of Audiologists in the US

by Kelli Marquardt, BS (applied mathematics and economics)  The supply of audiologists in the US is not on track to cover the rising demand in the next 30 years (Windmill & Freeman, 2013, 2017).  This post summarizes on-going economic analyses in a pilot study of the US market for audiologists. The study goals are to…

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Supply and Demand in the Audiology Labor Market, Part 4

The Audiology Labor Force series showed a stationary, or possibly decreasing, audiology workforce from 2000-2015, despite a median nominal wage increase of $2100/year over the same period (see feature image).  Does this mean that our profession lacks career appeal?   Probably not, considering audiology’s consistently high ranking in “best jobs” lists compiled by US News…

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audiologist shortage

Demand an Audiologist, but will there be one available?

by Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D. and Ian Windmill, Ph.D. In the January/February AAA President’s Message, Dr. Ian Windmill discusses the recent FDA, NAS, and legislative activities surrounding affordability and accessibility to hearing care.  He notes that Audiology “suffers from an access issue. There simply are not enough audiologists…to meet current demand” and we shouldn’t be surprised by…

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