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Poor Student Posts: Ball and Chain

A Shocking Picture   Residential AuD programs are a tough sell.  That’s the self-evident interpretation of  our survey analyses over the past three posts by Guest Editor Kevin Liebe, AuD, summarized in Figure 1 (below).    Moreover, degrees that are equivalent in the marketplace in terms of authority to practice under state licensure come with…

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Transitional AuD — The Good Ol’ Days

Tuition costs of AuD degrees at public and private schools were the topic of the first two posts in this series.  In the beginning, before residential programs, Transitional programs were the most widely used means to obtain an AuD, though they are now being phased out.  Today’s post summarizes their story and their costs. For…

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Poor Student Posts: The Public vs Private College Debate

Private schools mean huge tuition bills, right? But does that assumption hold up for doctoral programs in Audiology?  Today’s post by Kevin Liebe, AuD, checks out costs of private university programs compared to public school AuD program tuition costs discussed last week.   Private or Public?    In-state public tuition rates are lower than non-resident…

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The Poor Student Posts: Cost of an AuD

“Investing in a doctoring degree in Audiology hinges on expectations and outcomes that should be anchored in real data.”  So began a previous post.  The theme is picked up today by Kevin Liebe, AuD, launching a series on AuD costs, based on data we’ve been collecting from representative educational programs.  You may be surprised.   HOW…

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Student Loans Slow Economic Recovery — It’s Personal

It is a big social experiment that we’ve accidentally decided to engage in. Let’s send a whole class of people out into their professional lives with a negative net worth starting at minus tens of thousands of dollars. Those minus signs have psychological impact and a dollars-and-cents impact on what you can afford, too. {{1}}[[1]]Paraphrase of a…

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