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Evidence of Emerging Technologies as a Treatment Option for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

by David Maidment, PhD In August 2017, President Trump signed into law the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Reauthorization Act, which included the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act. The primary intention of the Act is to improve accessibility and affordability to hearing healthcare in adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. The FDA has one…

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Ear Device Patents in May 2019

Your Own Little Lab   Ear real estate continues to attract health technology innovations in search of a place to tuck in and work efficiently, uninterrupted. EarLens patents #10284964 & 10292601 are riding that trend with a customized ear canal hearable/wearable system that has a quiet little laboratory churning away in the background 24/7.  Equipped…

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US Ear Device Patents in April 2019

Get Down with Your Music and Up With Your Gym Game   Patent #10264339 aims to give ear device and hearing aid wearers “the feel of the sound similar to music being played at a night club, a concert, or when being played by a loud stereo,” and  “wirelessly communicate with an additional device.” This…

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US Hearing Device Patents for May 2017

  Made for iPhone hearing aids came first and most smart hearing aids are still not “made” for android devices. The Internet of things reachable by hearing aids is limited to a small, picky universe. In the larger universe, my android phone and Samsung washing machine may be having lively discourse, but I’m not privy…

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US Hearing Device Patents for April 2017

Audiologists and hearing scientists are familiar with human equal loudness contours (feature image above).  Samsung is too, using those contours in its patent #9635459 to control signal input gain to protect against noise induced hearing loss.    Samsung Exits the Ear to Aid Hearing   Or, better yet, why not fully protect the ear and hearing…

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