auditory training

Auditory Training – A Familiar Value Proposition in an Era of Revolutionary Change

By Harvey Abrams, PhD In a recent HHTM post, guest bloggers Terry Mactaggart and Errol Davis identify several provocative challenges that hearing healthcare providers will likely face in a near future characterized by rapid technological changes and major shifts in healthcare delivery. We would be wise to seriously consider how we will respond to each…

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Audiologists Get That Strange, Queasy Feeling

Tom Northey’s  14-year-old discussion of the future of Audiology continues today with a look at his Recommendations for Audiologists. In 2000, he predicted a world of Audiology survivors and losers and advised Audiologists to start thinking beyond hearing aids as a primary survival strategy.  Easy to say not so easy to do. Last post finished on a…

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Gaming the (Auditory) System

Today’s post is from Guest Contributor Extraordinaire Harvey Abrams, PhD.  Last time, he treated us to a masterful discussion of Price in the hearing aid industry.  Today he switches gears to talk about brain fitness, health apps, and auditory training in the Internet age.   The Starkey Hearing Blogs ran Dr Abram’s post on July 15, 2014,…

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