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Assessing the Influence of the Provider on Hearing Aid Uptake

by Amyn Amlani, PhD The uptake of traditional hearing aids—not just in the United States (US), but globally—has yet to reach its maximum potential. In a recent blog,1 it was reported that hearing aid uptake is highest in Norway (42.5%), the United Kingdom (UK; 41.1%), and Switzerland (38.8%), in which these devices are either fully…

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Tech Savvy, Old, Contemplative and Distorted: Four Underserved Groups Who Could Benefit from OTC Products

by Brian Taylor, AuD “Signal & Noise” is a bimonthly column by Brian Taylor, AuD. It’s natural to feel frustrated and unappreciated when a patient with hearing loss rejects your recommendation of hearing aids. It’s even worse when patients with this chronic condition fail to even make an appointment for an evaluation. Those negative feelings, alas,…

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The Last Layer is Peeled Away

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.   This will be my last post as part of the “Peeling the Onion” series. When I first began these articles, I felt its name was an apt metaphor for the issues facing hearing healthcare in general and the audiology profession in particular –…

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US Hearing Device Patents for October 2017

The Hearable Lament:   Hearing Economics looks forward to this time next year when we get to see the 2017 Hearables Hot Potato finalists.  Of course they’ll be tinier and cuter, but we hope they’ll also be multitalented, highly articulate, and dedicated to assisting everyone with ears, even people with hearing loss who want to listen…

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