audiology licensing under attack

Licensing Under Attack: Are We at Risk?

by Harvey Abrams, PhD As if the Costco effect and OTC legislation weren’t causing the audiology community enough tsuris, along comes another threat that’s sure to keep us up at night – deregulating the practice of audiology. In the past 18 months, representatives in 2 states, Iowa and Texas, introduced legislation that would eliminate the…

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Cost Effectiveness of Access to Hearing Care: An Analysis of CMS Data

By Barry Freeman, PhD, and Ian Windmill, PhD The past few decades have been dominated by efforts to control healthcare costs while improving affordability and access to quality care. Hearing care is no exception as demonstrated by the reports of the 2016 NASEM Committee on Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care for Adults and the…

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audiology cost disease

The Metaphor Monologues: In Search of Effective Treatment Options

Baumol described a chronic economic disease of healthcare and other direct services due to service wages that must rise on the back of stalled productivity while manufacturing labor costs rise naturally on the back of increasing productivity. The result is increasingly expensive (some would say inefficient) services to administer increasingly efficient devices. For dispensing audiologists,…

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US Ear Device Patents in August 2018

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that require attention, such as how to keep track of your sunglasses and Hearables (c.f. USPTO #10052235: Lanyard with integrated ear plugs and retractable sheath).   Sometimes it’s the little ones in life that deserve attention. “Headset enabling extraordinary hearing” (USPTO #10051372 ) by Bose doesn’t bestow auditory superpowers on children. But it…

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