design thinking in audiology

Design Thinking in Hearing Health: The Define Phase – Reframing Problems Through Collaboration, Synthesis & Divergent Questions

by Kate Baldocchi, AuD, Trisha Milnes, AuD, & Amyn M. Amlani, PhD In 2019, the reader was introduced to a conceptual overview of the design thinking process and how it could be utilized as a tool in serving the needs of listeners with hearing loss. Design thinking engagement and interactions are comprised of a non-linear,…

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US Hearing Aid Pricing: Part 1 – Nominal Wholesale-Side Trends

Editor’s Note: The last time Hearing Economics discussed hearing aid pricing was 2016, when then Section Editor, Holly Hosford-Dunn, provided readers with a comprehensive assessment of the market in a seven-part series. Starting with today’s blog on wholesale pricing (in a nominal sense), the aim is to build on Holly’s earlier work and share current…

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Design Thinking, Hearing Healthcare, and the New Normal: Using ‘Empathize’ to Identify Barriers and Opportunities

by Kate Baldocchi, AuD, Trisha Milnes, AuD, & Amyn M. Amlani, PhD COVID-19 proved to be a curve ball that left governments, economies, healthcare systems, and the citizens of the world in dismay. The impact of the virus tested our emotional-, mental-, familial-,  social-, and physical-wellbeing, as well as our resilience, our grit, our humanity,…

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