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Auditory Training – A Familiar Value Proposition in an Era of Revolutionary Change

The many blogs from 2018—submitted by area experts—provided glimpses of opportunities and challenges that precede the profession. An opportunity that is at the crossroads between provider service-provision and patient self-provision is auditory perceptual training. In March 2018, Harvey Abrams, PhD, made the point that the value proposition of auditory perceptual training has the potential (research is…

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A Perfunctory Peep at the Economic Value of Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Devices

by Vinaya Manchaiah, PhD, and Amyn M Amlani, PhD   Most professionals are aware that the FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017 has been passed into law and, as a provision of this bill, the FDA is in the process of developing a category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Specifically,…

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A Comparative Analysis of Repaying the AuD Student Loan Debt

By Amyn Amlani, PhD According to a recent Forbes report,1 US student loan debt is the second-ranked consumer commitment, trailing only mortgage debt. Several factors2 contribute to the rising costs associated with higher education, such as the cost of instruction (but not faculty salaries), operation and maintenance, student services, and research. For graduate students enrolled…

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As Our Profession Evolves, So Should Our KPI’s: Part 2

Editor’s Note: Business decision-making requires analytics to steer decisions towards profitability. Over the years, the hearing healthcare market has utilized analytics called key performance indicators (KPIs) as their compass when making business decisions. Given the rapid changes occurring in the hearing healthcare arena, we are learning that some KPIs, which were once considered as barometers…

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