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Pricing in Hearing Healthcare: Which Race are You Running? Part 1 – Market Segmentation

by Amyn M Amlani, PhD In hearing healthcare, price continues to be a hot-button topic of discussion among consumers, providers, advocacy groups, legislators, professional organizations, and manufacturers of consumer electronic products and traditional hearing aids. The fundamental issue is that consumers and their supporters believe the costs associated with and the value received in treating…

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Evidence of Emerging Technologies as a Treatment Option for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

by David Maidment, PhD In August 2017, President Trump signed into law the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Reauthorization Act, which included the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act. The primary intention of the Act is to improve accessibility and affordability to hearing healthcare in adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. The FDA has one…

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The Economic Realities of Tomorrow’s Independent Hearing Health Practice: Part 2

Editor Note: In April 2019, Dave Smirga and Greg Frazier enlightened readers about the economic realities that independent practices face with the changing dynamics of the consumer and managing hearing aid wholesale costs. This month’s blog, Part 2, is the continuation of their blog, with an emphasis on offering a diversity of services coupled with…

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The Cost of Free

By Debbie Abel, AuD, and John Coverstone, AuD Who doesn’t love “FREE?” After all, Coco Chanel once said “The best things in life are free.” Of course, she went on to say, “The second-best things are very, very expensive.”   History about Free Hearing Testing   Offering free hearing testing continues to be common in…

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The Economic Realities of Tomorrow’s Independent Hearing Health Practice: Part 1

by Dave Smirga, MA, and Greg Frazier, PhD, AuD What makes owning and operating an independent hearing health practice financially successful?  The simplistic answer would be “when the practice makes more money than it spends.”  Through the nineties and even through the early 2000’s, the engine that could be relied on to deliver this equation…

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