Design Thinking, Hearing Healthcare, and the New Normal: Using ‘Empathize’ to Identify Barriers and Opportunities

by Kate Baldocchi, AuD, Trisha Milnes, AuD, & Amyn M. Amlani, PhD COVID-19 proved to be a curve ball that left governments, economies, healthcare systems, and the citizens of the world in dismay. The impact of the virus tested our emotional-, mental-, familial-,  social-, and physical-wellbeing, as well as our resilience, our grit, our humanity,…

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Pricing in Hearing Healthcare: Which Race are You Running? Part 3 – Implications of Health Insurance on Consumer Demand

by Amyn M Amlani, PhD Today’s blog, Part 3, is the last in the series, “Pricing in Hearing Healthcare: Which Race are You Running?” Thus far, we have covered the: Developing market segmentation occurring in hearing healthcare (Part 1), and the Negative effect (i.e., cannibalization) of reduced retail pricing on total revenue, consumer purchase intent,…

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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids as a Catalyst for Audiology Reimbursement Updates

Dear Readers: During this holiday season, the editors at Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) are taking some time off. However, we are not leaving you without anything to read on our blog this week. Instead, we are publishing a special holiday edition filled with what we call our Readers’ Choices. Our Readers’ Choices featured…

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