Supply and Demand of Audiologists in the US, part 3

by Kelli Marquardt, BS (applied mathematics and economics)  Post 1 and post 2 described the model, identification strategy, and data. Today’s post summarizes the results of the estimation from a regression equation using year fixed effects.1,2 Specifically, a two stage linear regression analysis for supply and demand is used: Stage 1: Estimates of wage by…

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audiologist shortage

Demand an Audiologist, but will there be one available?

by Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D. and Ian Windmill, Ph.D. In the January/February AAA President’s Message, Dr. Ian Windmill discusses the recent FDA, NAS, and legislative activities surrounding affordability and accessibility to hearing care.  He notes that Audiology “suffers from an access issue. There simply are not enough audiologists…to meet current demand” and we shouldn’t be surprised by…

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2017 New Year’s Resolution:  Demand an Audiologist

At the turn of the century, the American Academy of Audiology launched its “Ask an Audiologist” branding campaign. The marketing goals were to familiarize the US public with the profession of audiology and make it a household term, figuratively ensconced in the medicine cabinet next to the box of Band-Aids®.  Just as consumers reach for…

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