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Assessing the Influence of the Provider on Hearing Aid Uptake

by Amyn Amlani, PhD The uptake of traditional hearing aids—not just in the United States (US), but globally—has yet to reach its maximum potential. In a recent blog,1 it was reported that hearing aid uptake is highest in Norway (42.5%), the United Kingdom (UK; 41.1%), and Switzerland (38.8%), in which these devices are either fully…

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Three Fundamental Questions are Signals pushing through the Noise, part 2

“Signal & Noise” is a bimonthly column by Brian Taylor, AuD. Part 1 of this post last week took on the the first of three, interconnected, fundamental questions at the core of the evolving marketplace for hearing care services. Each of the three is worthy of deliberation and debate by all hearing care professionals, especially…

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John’s Journey Continues: Preparation

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.   In my last post, we took a little side-trip (a path less-traveled) from John’s Journey to explore the Case of the Curious CDC report on the “Prevalence of Disability and Disability Type among Adults – United States, 2013.” This week, we’ll get back…

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Samsung Comes Calling on the Hearing Device Industry

It makes sense for  companies like Apple and Samsung to gain competitive advantage through optimized supply chains that  “lock up key product and component supplies.” (4/21/15 post) Samsung Electronics agrees, judging by recent developments in its patent activity, infrastructure, component acquisitions, and newly announced products.  Moreover, Samsung Electronics thinks it makes especially good sense to focus on…

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Tech Giants Eye Hearing Device Industry as Target for Rape and Plunder

The last post described future ear-level devices as conduits for highly personalized, exquisitely targeted, near and far-field individual communication systems that work in real time.  Such a vision combines past and ongoing R&D efforts in Hearables, Hearing Aids, and Augmented Reality (AR).  As the media hypes it, these will not be your grandfather’s hearing aids…

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