Who’s at the Center of Your Practice – You or Your Patient?

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.  To date, “Peeling the Onion” has focused on a rehabilitative approach to audiologic treatment to include such concepts as the Health Belief and Transtheoretical (Stages of Change) models. The primary objective (and, many would say, the compelling advantage) of the rehabilitative approach is to…

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Today’s Hearing Aid Buyers, Part 2

  Jerry Northern continues his analysis of the New Hearing Aid Consumer, a newcomer with more expectations and sophistication than buyers of the past.  Today, Dr. Northern covers the dizzying array of technological features confronting those consumers as they attempt their due diligence. As usual, Northern’s writing is user-friendly.  His examples and use of Audiologists’…

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Today’s Hearing Aid Buyers

  This week’s post, the 184th post published at Hearing Economics, is written by Dr. Jerry Northern, who returns for another round in the guest contributor ring.  As usual, his timing is perfect.  Hearing Health Matters! is celebrating two milestones today — our millionth page read and our 500,000th unique reader.  What better way to…

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With a Tale, Forsooth, Northey Cameth Unto Us

The Tom Northey series concludes today, wrapping up his 2000 treatise forecasting the future of our profession.1 He foresaw systematic changes headed straight at us and anticipated questions and issues that would rain down upon us.   Northey predicted a world of Audiology survivors and losers,  advised Audiologists to look beyond hearing aids for survival strategies, and gave Audiologists common-sense recommendations which we…

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Pumpkin Pie with missing slice by Mark Kelly, Heartspring.net © 2012

Private Sector Hearing Aid Costs and Markup

“The success of the final product of services and hearing aid is dependent much more upon our services than it is upon the product. ”  Catherine Palmer PhD  Audiologists and licensed practitioners believe those words, based on years of experience with patients.  That’s why most of us do what we do and charge what we…

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