design thinking in audiology

Design Thinking in Hearing Health: The Define Phase – Reframing Problems Through Collaboration, Synthesis & Divergent Questions

by Kate Baldocchi, AuD, Trisha Milnes, AuD, & Amyn M. Amlani, PhD In 2019, the reader was introduced to a conceptual overview of the design thinking process and how it could be utilized as a tool in serving the needs of listeners with hearing loss. Design thinking engagement and interactions are comprised of a non-linear,…

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Design Thinking, Hearing Healthcare, and the New Normal: Using ‘Empathize’ to Identify Barriers and Opportunities

by Kate Baldocchi, AuD, Trisha Milnes, AuD, & Amyn M. Amlani, PhD COVID-19 proved to be a curve ball that left governments, economies, healthcare systems, and the citizens of the world in dismay. The impact of the virus tested our emotional-, mental-, familial-,  social-, and physical-wellbeing, as well as our resilience, our grit, our humanity,…

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The Potential of Design Thinking in Reforming Hearing Healthcare

by Kate Baldocchi, AuD & Amyn M. Amlani, PhD The hearing aid industry has experienced remarkable technological advancements in signal processing capabilities over the past two decades. During this same time, the profession of audiology has increased its efforts to act on the needs of consumers (e.g., patient-centered care), have systems in place (e.g., evidenced-based…

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