But Wait…There’s More! Part 2 – Labeling

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.   This is the second of three posts that summarizes the Hearing Industries Association’s (HIA) recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Device Evaluation, the office primarily responsible for promulgating the OTC hearing aid rules following the passage and signing of…

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On-Site Reporting from NAS Public Meeting Last Week

by Barbara Weinstein Downstream Consequences of Aging is a bi-monthly series written by guest columnist Barbara Weinstein, PhD.  Today’s post gives readers a sense of the simultaneous breathless drama and grinding diligence experienced by all participating stakeholders at last week’s pivotal NAS meeting.   The Plenary: Sounds of Silence   At the Dec. 7, 2016 Dissemination…

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Barriers? We Don’t Got No Stinking Barriers!

“There are no barriers [that discourage new entrants to the hearing aid industry].  New entrants simply have to comply with regulations intended to safeguard our patients. This excerpt from a recent post on the PCAST report gives pause, prompting switching of hats from Audiologist to Economist. Though Hearing Economics has written on market barriers before,…

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Shifting Sands of Hearing Aids and Hearables

Ear-level electronic devices are on shifting ground.  FDA aside, what defines a “hearing aid” these days?  They are sophisticated, computer-based, ear-level, binaural, Bluetooth-enabled devices with storage and automatic programming capability.  They’re poised for far more than amplification, noise reduction, and feedback control. If you accept that functional definition of today’s hearing aids, what’s left to…

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With a Tale, Forsooth, Northey Cameth Unto Us

The Tom Northey series concludes today, wrapping up his 2000 treatise forecasting the future of our profession.1 He foresaw systematic changes headed straight at us and anticipated questions and issues that would rain down upon us.   Northey predicted a world of Audiology survivors and losers,  advised Audiologists to look beyond hearing aids for survival strategies, and gave Audiologists common-sense recommendations which we…

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