Evidence-based Practice and Patient Centered Communication: Two Disruptors that Can Make a Difference Today

“Signal & Noise” is a bimonthly, or sometimes monthly, column by Brian Taylor, AuD.   Disruptive innovation is a hot topic within our industry. The mere utterance of the term “disruptive innovation” at a confrence likely conjures thoughts of futuristic gadgets and gizmos that eliminate the need for audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.  Look no…

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Just Good Enough on the à la carte Menu

“Signal & Noise” is a bimonthly column by Brian Taylor, AuD.   In addition to fitting conventional hearing aids, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists may have the opportunity to adapt an à la carte approach to technology with a menu of offerings tailored to the “just good enough” needs of the individual. This menu may…

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Signal & Noise: Are We Entering the “Just Good Enough” Era?

Hearing Economics is pleased to announce Brian Taylor as a new columnist.  Dr. Taylor plans to help us get to core concepts in a series of bimonthly discussions entitled “Signal & Noise.”  Today’s post marks his debut column, describing actual data to bear on outcomes from available ear-level amplification technologies.  Welcome, Brian, and thanks for…

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Hearing Aids, Hearables, Gadgets and Gizmos

The sudden emergence of Hearables as a disruptive wearable technology threatens to relegate hearing aids to the gadget bin.  So goes the view in the popular media.  That view is formed and informed by characteristic rapid change and constant innovation in the consumer electronics industry. But, the popular view is not fully informed. Those used to reviewing…

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Are Hearables the Devices Formerly Known as Hearing Aids?

Last week’s Hearables post highlighted some emerging ear-level devices and left three rhetorical questions dangling: What  groups decide which are medical devices and which are consumer devices? Who gets final say on who sells them and how they are sold? Will hearing aids morph into consumer electronic gadgets? Current thinking on that last question brings…

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