Waiting for the Second Shoe (of Three) to Drop

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.   Before we get started, a disclaimer: This post will name names – hearing aid products, a health insurance company, and hearing health care benefit programs. I have no financial or non-financial interests in any of the products/companies mentioned except as a subscriber to…

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And They’re Off! US Hearing Aid Device Patent Activity for January-February 2015

Amidst all the crowd-funded Hearable hype, with Nanoplug coming unplugged and others sure to follow, the Big 6 and a few well-seasoned companies and visionaries continue to quietly and efficiently amp up technology for ear-level applications.  Today’s lengthy list of new patents in the last half of this post shows the Big 6 firmly in…

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Hearing Aids and Hearables: A Natural Pairing

These are the best of times and the worst of times, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us. (channeling Dickens for Audiologists) Audiologists may agree that we are living in extreme times.  It’s gratifying to practice our profession in the “communication obsessed 2000s” (Ridley, 2010), with ear-level devices at hand as the obvious…

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Survival of the Fittest Audiologists

  Last post introduced readers to Tom Northey and his 2000 forecast of Audiology in the future, which predicted that today’s audiologists would fall into camps of survivors or  scatter to the wind as competitive forces eased out the losers.  Today’s post is for those of us interested in operating in survivor mode. Northey contrasted our…

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Developing a Viable Best Practice Model for Online and OTC Hearing Aid Distribution

Hearing Economics  welcomes back Ryan Kalef as Guest Editor for the next few weeks.  His previous posts have given readers the Canadian perspective with An Earful From Canada, Call of the Wild, and Different Views on Selling.  Today he jumps in the bare-knuckled Price ring, joining the Pricing Series to the effort started last week by Terry…

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