Oticon fig 4 patent 9414171

US Hearing Device Patents for February 2017

“Not your father’s Oldsmobile” was a 1980s ad campaign to shake the geriatric stigma attached to such cars by featuring an “Aerotech” futuristic model (Fig 1). Likewise, “Not your grandfather’s hearing aid” is a recurring theme in our industry  as technology moves to reduce stigma and introduce integrated, futuristic audio processing systems (feature image above)…

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US Hearing Device Patents for January 2017

US Patent #9544700 by inventors Sunil Puria and Rodney Perkins, was awarded to EarLens Corp. on January 10, 2017.  Coming in at 22 pages and 12 illustrations (c.f., feature image),  “Optically Coupled Active Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis,” is what they call a total package.  Here’s a sample of its contents: A concise anatomy course.   The patent…

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US Hearing Device Patent Activity for January-February 2016

New hearing device patents featured new players, new money, new concepts, interesting art work, and political commentary.  Today’s feature image, courtesy of Starkey’s USPTO #9264824, may not be great art but it succinctly states the company’s dim view of Keynesian economics and government tax ideology. The art award goes to Qualcomm, which joined the hearing…

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Danish Showdown: The Shot Heard Round the World?

Big Drama engulfs the Big 6 lately as top US management of hearing aid companies are forced out, either falling on their swords or doing the walk of shame for apparent lapses in corporate accountability  The dramas are cliffhangers, a plot ploy to keep us on the edge of our seats, excitedly waiting for a…

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US Hearing Device Patents for May-June 2015

Ear devices by any name are fast becoming brain portals.  Recent Hearables and Augmentation posts probably struck most readers–especially clinicians who fit traditional amplification on aging patients–as fanciful riffs about gimmicky trifles.   The growing diversity of patents in the bimonthly list argues that we pay attention to devices and toys which are outside traditional…

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