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Lexie Hearing’s Innovations in the D2C Hearing Aid Market

Hearing Healthcare Market Development Column   In July, Lexie Hearing launched a direct-to-consumer (D2C) hearing aid with a model of care that includes a digitized onboarding process, in-situ hearing test, and rewards program. These three innovations anticipate over-the-counter (OTC) deregulation, while also embodying healthcare best practices in patient adherence.  Lexie Hearing’s current product line consists…

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US Hearing Aid Pricing: Part 1 – Nominal Wholesale-Side Trends

Editor’s Note: The last time Hearing Economics discussed hearing aid pricing was 2016, when then Section Editor, Holly Hosford-Dunn, provided readers with a comprehensive assessment of the market in a seven-part series. Starting with today’s blog on wholesale pricing (in a nominal sense), the aim is to build on Holly’s earlier work and share current…

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Online Hearing Testing: Starkey’s Real-World Conditions

Hearing Healthcare Market Development Column   With the U.S. continuing to combat the coronavirus, the online hearing test is becoming a crucial vehicle for engaging patients. During a Zoom interview in June, Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dave Fabry, revealed that during the pandemic’s first wave, patient visits to Starkey’s online hearing test grew significantly.  Starkey’s…

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