hearing aid patents july 2022

Ear Device Patents for July 2022

Making It Real   Verizon’s patent #11386903 seeks to improve speech in artificial worlds, where understanding speech turns out to be just as hard as in daily life As in the real world, certain artificial reality worlds may immerse users in complex and chaotic audio environments. For instance, an artificial reality world may include a…

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Ear Device Patents for June 2022

Minding Our Auditory Manners OtoUSA’s patent #1367348 aims to outfit traffic signals to automate and improve IDing and chastising those who scorn noise ordinances on the road: “for a mobile audio signal source which makes loud noise at arbitrary places and time, for example illegally modified car, old vehicle or speeding motorcycle, it is hard…

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hearing aid patents may 2022

Ear Device Patents for May 2022

Just doin’ their thangs Amazon and Apple came up with earbud designs this month (respectively, D951236 & D950526). It took two inventors to create Amazon’s bud while Apple’s took a whopping 20. Will Apple’s design be 10 times better, does Amazon make their inventors work 10 times as hard, or probably none of the above? Bragi…

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hearing aid patents march 2022

Ear Device Patents for March 2022

Avocado oil is advocated for heart health; also for treating osteoarthritis. Now, add hearing health to the list of things for which avocado oil is a Good Thing.  Dong Kook Phar Co Ltd’s patent #11273194 claims a Pharmaceutical composition containing avocado oil fraction as active ingredient for prevention or treatment of hearing loss. The March…

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