hearing aid patents october 2021

Ear device patents for October 2021

No Longer a Joke   Audiologists have long suffered a few standard jokes from patients, first and foremost the old “What” response to queries about hearing difficulty. Running a close second, sadly, is the one where patients ask for a device that will boost sound but  turn off their spouses.  Clinicians largely smile and ignore…

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hearing aid patents september 2021

Ear Device Patents for September 2021

The Sound of Music and Group Dynamics   UT’s patent 1120816 describes a natural ear to aid the “tonally challenged,” who have trouble singing on pitch or “carrying a tune.”  A wearable device (e.g., glasses, BT hearable) emphasizes the fundamental frequency sung versus the intended fundamental so that singers can detect differences and adjust their…

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hearing aid patents

US Ear Device Patents for June 2021

Successful hearing aid users and their audiologists know that regular follow-up appointments are de rigueur to monitor hearing ability and ear canal health; adjust hearing instruments to match hearing status and wearer needs; and check instrument performance against manufacturer’s specs. That last step is important but routine and a bit boring. It also raises questions,…

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