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US Ear Device Patents for June 2021

Successful hearing aid users and their audiologists know that regular follow-up appointments are de rigueur to monitor hearing ability and ear canal health; adjust hearing instruments to match hearing status and wearer needs; and check instrument performance against manufacturer’s specs. That last step is important but routine and a bit boring. It also raises questions,…

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hearing aid patents march 2021

US Ear Device Patents for March 2021

A Better Mouse Trap, Revisited   Included in this month’s list is patent #10950211, by Kah. Entitled External ear insert for hearing comprehension enhancement, it appears to be a Helmhotz-type resonating device placed somewhere in the ear to shift natural pinna and canal resonances. Compare this to Goode’s patent #4556122, Ear acoustical hearing aid, which…

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hearing device patents

US Ear Device Patents for February 2021

GN Hearing’s two distinct lines of business have long covered diverse hearing needs, ranging from medical devices for hearing loss to head-worn devices for communications and streaming.  Its newly proposed device (Fig 1, right) may like a molar tooth but GN remains firmly situated in the ear (#114 in the illustration).  True to its history…

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