hearing aid patents april 2020

US Ear Device Patents for April 2020

Ohmmmm   In these days of COVID-19 sequestering and isolation, meditation and relaxation are handy skills, especially when offered through multitasking ear devices. Consider Starkey’s patent #10617842, Ear-worn electronic device for conducting and monitoring mental exercises. Now, please dim your lights, perform Shavasana and invite your mind to consider: “…an ear-worn electronic device (offering)… a three-dimensional…

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US Ear Device Patents for January 2020

Route 66    Standard hearing aid treatment protocol follows a fitting and follow-up route of periodic in-office visit to adjust and tune instruments. In early stages, this usually means gradual optimization as patients accommodate to amplification. In subsequent years, it also means monitoring and adjusting for further decreases in patients’ hearing sensitivity and speech recognition. …

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ear covering system patent

US Ear Device Patents for December 2019

Tis the season   Baby it’s cold out there, especially for the ears. Hence, the recurring, much-appreciated winter theme when inventors think up new ear warmers (D871677) and ear covering systems (10500098). The latter patent addresses an emerging technology-wrought crisis of sorts — how to keep ears warm while streaming music through earbuds.  The inventor’s…

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