US Hearing Device Patents for April 2017

Audiologists and hearing scientists are familiar with human equal loudness contours (feature image above).  Samsung is too, using those contours in its patent #9635459 to control signal input gain to protect against noise induced hearing loss.    Samsung Exits the Ear to Aid Hearing   Or, better yet, why not fully protect the ear and hearing…

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US Hearing Device Patents for March 2017

In 2016, IBM inventors were awarded more than 22 patents/day. That includes one last June in its “cognitive healthcare patent” group for a Smart Hearing Aid (USPTO #9374649). It looks a lot like the Smart Hearing Aid patents IBM was awarded (USPTO #9609441 & #9609442) in the March 2017 list below (see feature image above).  Same…

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Oticon fig 4 patent 9414171

US Hearing Device Patents for February 2017

“Not your father’s Oldsmobile” was a 1980s ad campaign to shake the geriatric stigma attached to such cars by featuring an “Aerotech” futuristic model (Fig 1). Likewise, “Not your grandfather’s hearing aid” is a recurring theme in our industry  as technology moves to reduce stigma and introduce integrated, futuristic audio processing systems (feature image above)…

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Dominance in a Patent Class

Charting patent trends can track technological innovation and stagnation by proxy variables such as geography (countries, metropolitan areas), industry concentration, education (proximity of universities, proportion of PhDs), income per capita, etc. One measure is growth and dominance of patent classes by an industry or company.  Of interest to the hearing aid industry is its representation…

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US Hearing Device Patents for January 2017

US Patent #9544700 by inventors Sunil Puria and Rodney Perkins, was awarded to EarLens Corp. on January 10, 2017.  Coming in at 22 pages and 12 illustrations (c.f., feature image),  “Optically Coupled Active Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis,” is what they call a total package.  Here’s a sample of its contents: A concise anatomy course.   The patent…

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