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Private Sector Hearing Aid Costs and Markup

“The success of the final product of services and hearing aid is dependent much more upon our services than it is upon the product. ”  Catherine Palmer PhD  Audiologists and licensed practitioners believe those words, based on years of experience with patients.  That’s why most of us do what we do and charge what we…

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Markup Gets a Makeover: Hearing Aid Pricing Part 12

“We don’t treat the product as a commodity other than the fact that the acquisition cost of the product is a line item.”  Catherine Palmer PhD  Last week took issues with unmarked black boxes and the misuse of “markup” with reference to hearing aid sales. Today’s post continues the theme by introducing better boxes to…

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Raising the Curtain on Wholesale to Retail Hearing Aid Pricing, part 2

Last week’s post raised the curtain on average wholesale and retail hearing aid pricing with the data in Figure 1, but it did not address average retail price of premium instruments.  That’s a crucial part of the Price puzzle because that’s where most of the wholesale increase is occurring.  Two big questions were left unanswered:…

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Raising the Curtain on Wholesale to Retail Hearing Aid Pricing

Are hearing aid markups as high as internet operators and others claim?  Are Audiologists routinely using a “5x markup?”  So ended the last post in this series and so begins today’s post.   How High Did You Say? Based on the 89,400 results accrued from a simple Google search of “$6000 hearing aids,”  it seems reasonable to…

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Audiologists’ educations are way too expensive according to many consumers, all of whom are students. Their view is expressed and examined in a post series that dares to question the value of an AuD degree.  That question requires exploration of many factors:  economic preferences, attitudes, post-graduate salaries, 4th year internships, faculty expertise, gender politics…. and on…

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