Danish Showdown: The Shot Heard Round the World?

Big Drama engulfs the Big 6 lately as top US management of hearing aid companies are forced out, either falling on their swords or doing the walk of shame for apparent lapses in corporate accountability  The dramas are cliffhangers, a plot ploy to keep us on the edge of our seats, excitedly waiting for a…

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Hearables — what’s happened in the last 6 months

It took less than a year for “Hearable” to replace “hearing aid” in the media.  That remarkable event happened on August 12 when Forbes headlined a “face-off” between two Hearables, which turned out to be Starkey’s Halo versus GN Resound’s LinX2 hearing aids.  As Forbes puts it: High-end digital hearing aids keep getting better and…

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Shifting Sands of Hearing Aids and Hearables

Ear-level electronic devices are on shifting ground.  FDA aside, what defines a “hearing aid” these days?  They are sophisticated, computer-based, ear-level, binaural, Bluetooth-enabled devices with storage and automatic programming capability.  They’re poised for far more than amplification, noise reduction, and feedback control. If you accept that functional definition of today’s hearing aids, what’s left to…

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Watch Out, Watch Out, Here Her Comes!

Her was first described at Hearing Economics in a December post as real-life version of Samantha, the ear-level, all-knowing operating system that whispered into Joaquin Phoenix’s ear(s) in the film “Her.” As the hearing industry enters 2015, Her  is manifest in a variety of ear-level wearables of varying sophistication and application, collectively dubbed Hearables.  The January 4-9,…

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Audiologists Get That Strange, Queasy Feeling

Tom Northey’s  14-year-old discussion of the future of Audiology continues today with a look at his Recommendations for Audiologists. In 2000, he predicted a world of Audiology survivors and losers and advised Audiologists to start thinking beyond hearing aids as a primary survival strategy.  Easy to say not so easy to do. Last post finished on a…

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