US Hearing Aid Pricing: Part 2 – Inflation-Adjusted Wholesale-Side Trends

Earlier this fall, readers were provided a commentary on wholesale nominal pricing in the US market. In our continuation of pricing in the US hearing aid market, we compare unadjusted and inflation-adjusted, wholesale cost of a single unit device over time.    Consumer Price Index (CPI)   The Consumer Price Index (CPI) was used to…

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US Ear Device Patents for September 2020

The Mind Boggles   Here are a few questions as food for thought while contemplating how the myriad computations, calculations, decompositions, re-creations and retrieval- from- storage audio outputs can be massaged to complement, supplement and creatively enhance our individual hearing capabilities and preferences.    Q1. Which do you prefer, Reality or an Upgrade? Both require…

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lively telehealth audiology

How Listen Lively’s Telehealth Model Stacks Up Against Clinics

Hearing Healthcare Market Development Column   The question as to whether the telehealth model provides the same quality of care as the traditional face-to-face model in hearing healthcare is topical given that the coronavirus pandemic has entered a third wave. Auditory Insight’s analysis shows that the model created by the telehealth hearing aid company, Listen…

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lexie hearing aid test online

Lexie Hearing’s Innovations in the D2C Hearing Aid Market

Hearing Healthcare Market Development Column   In July, Lexie Hearing launched a direct-to-consumer (D2C) hearing aid with a model of care that includes a digitized onboarding process, in-situ hearing test, and rewards program. These three innovations anticipate over-the-counter (OTC) deregulation, while also embodying healthcare best practices in patient adherence.  Lexie Hearing’s current product line consists…

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