hearing aid patents march 2022

Ear Device Patents for March 2022

Avocado oil is advocated for heart health; also for treating osteoarthritis. Now, add hearing health to the list of things for which avocado oil is a Good Thing.  Dong Kook Phar Co Ltd’s patent #11273194 claims a Pharmaceutical composition containing avocado oil fraction as active ingredient for prevention or treatment of hearing loss. The March…

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hearing aid patents february 2022

Ear Device Patents for February 2022

Ear Device Variety   The January 2022 patent post highlighted sensors loaded onto ear devices. For those interested in more on sensors, see Sonova’s patent #11240611 in this month’s list, which provides a good summary of sensor types and applications under development. Nocira’s patent #11246793, entitled Ear Pumps, describes a treatment device [that] can utilize…

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hearing aid device patents january 2022

Ear device patents for January 2022

More to Them Than Meets the Eardrum   Hearing aids are fast developing into all-round sensing devices, multitasking on top of sound amplification by tracking eye movement and measuring body temperature (Starkey’s patents 11223915 & 11213252); using EEG and cardiovascular signals for biofeedback (GN Hearing’s 11228849 & MindMics’ 11234069); and monitoring health in general (Google’s…

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