Turning Gaps into Opportunities by Thinking beyond Traditional Hearing Aid Technology, Part 1

“Signal & Noise” is a bimonthly column by Brian Taylor, AuD. Segmentation is a powerful tool to better understand what the marketplace values. Perhaps more importantly, from the perspective of the business manager, segmenting demographic data sheds light on gaps in the market that can be turned into opportunities for those with entrepreneurial spirit. We…

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Efficacy of Smartphone-Based Technology in Improving Hearing Aid Adoption Rates

Part 2 of Dr. Amlani’s Self-Efficacy post concludes with an intriguing scenario for hearing aids.  “With a new driver at the helm of this multi-billion dollar industry, the landscape is sure to change from dusty and dirty to beaches and rolling hills.”  Read on! In 2013, Amlani and colleagues{{1}}[[1]]Amlani AM, Taylor B, Levy C, Robbins,…

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Batter Up! Taking Another Swing at Understanding MarkeTrak IX (MT9)

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.  For those of you who have been reading my monthly posts, you know that my focus has been on exploring the differences between the medical and rehabilitative models of audiology. I’m devoting this month’s post, however, to something a little different – a response…

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Assessing the Validity of MarkeTrak IX Adoption Rates

Today’s post by frequent contributor Amyn Amlani, PhD,  is a fitting salute to David Kirkwood, who retires this week as Editor-in-Chief of HHTM.  Kirkwood was first to report MarkeTrak IX findings, a month before they became available to the public.  Wayne Staab, HHTM’s new Editor-in-Chief, followed Kirkwood’s lead with two posts analyzing portions of the…

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Ear Devices to Anticipate Your Every Need: How Would Don Draper Handle This?

Q: What if the hearing aid industry  designed its own auditory augmentation “facilitory system” to compete with existing visions on the drawing boards of giant software and consumer electronics companies? That rhetorical question, posed previously, envisioned an industry-wide platform strategy built on existing binaural, Bluetooth-enabled RIC-type products with the requisite amplification features married to emerging…

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