Econ 202: Selling a Practice as a Function of Interest Rates

Astute readers may have noticed Hearing Economics’ attempts to slip in Economics education on the sly. Today’s post fits right into the Economics 202 series, initiating a discussion of how interest rates affect the economy (a macro concept) and our very own practices (a micro concept).  Craig Castelli (bio below) describes the situation for practice…

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Dark Knights of Monopoly

“None shall pass.”    …   “I’ve had worse.”  Monty Python’s Black Knight The Black Knight’s utterances joust with each other, which makes for a very funny video. His stance–and lack thereof–conjure up images in my mind of the hearing aid industry and Audiologists.  Our Big 6 set formidable entry barriers, determined that none shall…

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Healthcare Fraud, A Fun Summer Beach Read

Everybody needs a break, even bloggers and those who read them.  The lazy days of summer call for beach reads, not blogs.  Writers like Carl Hiassen–himself a prolific columnist for the Miami Herald— know this and churn out hilarious, diverting books for the beach. Mr. Hiassen writes darkly comedic crime novels in which weirdly bad…

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audiology degree costs

Poor Student Posts: Ball and Chain

A Shocking Picture   Residential AuD programs are a tough sell.  That’s the self-evident interpretation of  our survey analyses over the past three posts by Guest Editor Kevin Liebe, AuD, summarized in Figure 1 (below).    Moreover, degrees that are equivalent in the marketplace in terms of authority to practice under state licensure come with…

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For Whom the Bell Tolls: 101 Cash Flow Ways to Kill Your Practice

If a business is constantly struggling with its bottom line, this could create long-term problems from which it might not recover.   How dreary.  I promise to move to more upbeat topics soon. But for now, it’s Cash Flow problems–shorthand for “constantly struggling with the bottom line.”  Cash Flow was discussed in general last week…

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