Bose bioelectrical earbud #10835145

US Ear Device Patents for November 2020

The feature image is from Bose patent 10835145, Ear tips capable of capturing bioelectrical signals and providing nerve stimulation.  Bose is not the only company thinking Big by going Small.   Hearing Aids as Small Auditory Augmented Reality Devices   Readers from hearing health lines of work may wonder why patent lists of recent months…

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10795321 Wrist watch with hearing function

US Ear Device Patents for October 2020

Listen to The Hand   Today’s feature image comes from Finewell Co Ltd’s patent #10795321 for a Wrist watch with hearing function.  Inquiring minds may wonder how this works and it’s not as simple as a talking watch. Instead, the patent aims to provide more effective wrist watches with hearing functions that achieve cartilage conduction…

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US Ear Device Patents for September 2020

The Mind Boggles   Here are a few questions as food for thought while contemplating how the myriad computations, calculations, decompositions, re-creations and retrieval- from- storage audio outputs can be massaged to complement, supplement and creatively enhance our individual hearing capabilities and preferences.    Q1. Which do you prefer, Reality or an Upgrade? Both require…

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hearing aid patents august 2020

US Ear Device Patents for August 2020

Who Needs a Watch?   Not Sanmina Corporation in San Jose, California. Fitness and health-minded individuals who don’t care to wear or look at a watch are likely to appreciate Sanmina’s patent #10744262. The patent describes an ear piece system with biosensors to detect and monitor a wearer’s heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. The…

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