hearing aid patents july 2020

US Ear Device Patents for July 2020

It’s As If  You Had Your Own Personal … Fill in the blank for whatever, whenever and however you wish to personalize sound in your ears. Nura Holdings’ aptly-named patent 10708680 (Personalization of auditory stimulus) envisions user(s) perceiv(ing) the audio signal as if the user had ideal hearing and/or desired hearing.  No longer does the…

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starkey online hearing test

Online Hearing Testing: Starkey’s Real-World Conditions

Hearing Healthcare Market Development Column   With the U.S. continuing to combat the coronavirus, the online hearing test is becoming a crucial vehicle for engaging patients. During a Zoom interview in June, Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dave Fabry, revealed that during the pandemic’s first wave, patient visits to Starkey’s online hearing test grew significantly.  Starkey’s…

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ear device patents

US Ear Device Patents for June 2020

Hanging on Our Every Word   Those who’ve been there know that war is hell, not least due to blinding and deafening conditions that severely limit communications and compound the threat of imminent danger.  A present-day Richard III might well shout out “My Kingdom for some AirPods” instead of a horse.  The US Government’s patent…

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barotrauma headset patent

US Ear Device Patents in May 2020

 Stylish,  Cute, Functional   The stylish headset shown in the feature image allows wearers to adjust pressure change to reduce barotrauma, or let the headset do it automatically  (#10659865).   At first glance, the cute cartoon in Fig 1 seems to depict days of yore when people flocked to concerts without Covid-19 worries. In one embodiment,…

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hearing aid patents april 2020

US Ear Device Patents for April 2020

Ohmmmm   In these days of COVID-19 sequestering and isolation, meditation and relaxation are handy skills, especially when offered through multitasking ear devices. Consider Starkey’s patent #10617842, Ear-worn electronic device for conducting and monitoring mental exercises. Now, please dim your lights, perform Shavasana and invite your mind to consider: “…an ear-worn electronic device (offering)… a three-dimensional…

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