starkey online hearing test

Online Hearing Testing: Starkey’s Real-World Conditions

Editor’s Note: Our new “Hearing Healthcare Market Development” monthly column will explore opportunities for developing and growing the market for treating hearing loss through innovations in product design, engagement strategies, and models of care. Columnist Nancy M. Williams is President of Auditory Insight, the hearing healthcare strategy and marketing consultancy. For her inaugural columns this summer, she…

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hearing aid patents april 2020

US Ear Device Patents for April 2020

Ohmmmm   In these days of COVID-19 sequestering and isolation, meditation and relaxation are handy skills, especially when offered through multitasking ear devices. Consider Starkey’s patent #10617842, Ear-worn electronic device for conducting and monitoring mental exercises. Now, please dim your lights, perform Shavasana and invite your mind to consider: “…an ear-worn electronic device (offering)… a three-dimensional…

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