facebook hearable

US Ear Device Patents for May 2021

The feature image above depicts Facebook’s vision for a tragus conduction Hearable (patent #10999668), the idea being to mechanically vibrate the tragus to produce one or more sound waves that travel down an ear canal of the user’s ear toward an eardrum; the purpose being to generate sounds and allow ambient sounds to reach a user…

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apple hearing device patent

US Ear Device Patents for April 2021

Did We Miss Anything?   Apple’s lengthy patent 10979796, In-ear wireless listening device, has 68 figures to support its comprehensive ambitions. The device form (above) is familiar to all by now, but this one purports to house a host of improvements to address the many aspects of headset design. Specifically it takes on size and weight,…

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hearing aid patents march 2021

US Ear Device Patents for March 2021

A Better Mouse Trap, Revisited   Included in this month’s list is patent #10950211, by Kah. Entitled External ear insert for hearing comprehension enhancement, it appears to be a Helmhotz-type resonating device placed somewhere in the ear to shift natural pinna and canal resonances. Compare this to Goode’s patent #4556122, Ear acoustical hearing aid, which…

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