Econ 202: Selling a Practice as a Function of Interest Rates

Astute readers may have noticed Hearing Economics’ attempts to slip in Economics education on the sly. Today’s post fits right into the Economics 202 series, initiating a discussion of how interest rates affect the economy (a macro concept) and our very own practices (a micro concept).  Craig Castelli (bio below) describes the situation for practice…

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cost audiology degree

Poor Student Posts: The Public vs Private College Debate

Private schools mean huge tuition bills, right? But does that assumption hold up for doctoral programs in Audiology?  Today’s post by Kevin Liebe, AuD, checks out costs of private university programs compared to public school AuD program tuition costs discussed last week.   Private or Public?    In-state public tuition rates are lower than non-resident…

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Economics 101: Accounting, Economic, and Sunk Costs

This post is the beginning of a series that will pop up once in awhile on this site, with the intent of giving instruction on basic Economics concepts in small, hopefully palatable doses.  Today’s concept is Decision Costs, which can be tallied up as either Accounting Costs or, more usefully, as Economic Costs. Say you’ve…

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