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Private Sector Hearing Aid Costs and Markup

“The success of the final product of services and hearing aid is dependent much more upon our services than it is upon the product. ”  Catherine Palmer PhD  Audiologists and licensed practitioners believe those words, based on years of experience with patients.  That’s why most of us do what we do and charge what we…

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Hearing Aid Prices — Going Up? Going Down?

The average Price of hearing aids began rising faster than inflation in 1994 when the first truly differentiated product entered the market.  In contrast, Price  kept pace with inflation for traditional instruments, which tumbled into a new niche of “low end” products (see title figure). What does this mean? More Economic Stuff (what you’ve been…

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Hearing Aid Prices: Peeking in the Closet

Hearing Aid Price is still in the closet, but it’s being outed by professional and public outcry by squeezed Audiologists and consumers.{{1}}[[1]]I don’t know if hearing aid dispensers are feeling squeezed too, but probably.[[1]] If those two groups are outside picketing, who’s in the closet?  Current conventional wisdom points to Machiavellian Manufacturing Monopolists.  Before we…

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