Right Place, Right Time, Right Patient. Right Provider?

Tom J. Northey gives us the second half of his ACO  and Audiology post today.  In his current forecast of what’s ahead for Audiologists in the changing healthcare market place, he’s introduced us to the ACO (accountable care organization) model, electronic medical records (EMR), and health information exchanges (HIE).   It’s time to take those acronyms…

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Does ACO Spell Audiology?

Tom J. Northey is this week’s guest contributor.  In July, Hearing Economics did a multi-part series going back in time to 2000, when Mr. Northey wrote a seminal article forecasting our profession’s future choices and coining that popular phrase “Audiology Economics.” Lucky for Hearing Economics, the series caught Mr. Northey’s attention.  Though he left the field of…

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Today’s Hearing Aid Buyers, Part 2

  Jerry Northern continues his analysis of the New Hearing Aid Consumer, a newcomer with more expectations and sophistication than buyers of the past.  Today, Dr. Northern covers the dizzying array of technological features confronting those consumers as they attempt their due diligence. As usual, Northern’s writing is user-friendly.  His examples and use of Audiologists’…

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With a Tale, Forsooth, Northey Cameth Unto Us

The Tom Northey series concludes today, wrapping up his 2000 treatise forecasting the future of our profession.1 He foresaw systematic changes headed straight at us and anticipated questions and issues that would rain down upon us.   Northey predicted a world of Audiology survivors and losers,  advised Audiologists to look beyond hearing aids for survival strategies, and gave Audiologists common-sense recommendations which we…

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Audiologists Get That Strange, Queasy Feeling

Tom Northey’s  14-year-old discussion of the future of Audiology continues today with a look at his Recommendations for Audiologists. In 2000, he predicted a world of Audiology survivors and losers and advised Audiologists to start thinking beyond hearing aids as a primary survival strategy.  Easy to say not so easy to do. Last post finished on a…

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