International Delegates …American Academy of Audiology Convention – Boston

It’s time to get ready (March 28-31, 2012) for the best attended audiology meeting in the world, the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Convention, called Audiology NOW!   This meeting is by, for, and of audiologists, but not just for America…its an international convention for audiologists around the world.   This year it’s in Boston, MA, USA.  Boston is an area literally filled with museums offering international colleagues an opportunity to experience the colonial history of the United States.

Many of the issues that led disgruntled American colonists to fight the American Revolutionary War  (1775-1783) for independence from England (long before it was the UK) and George III were focused in the Boston area.  Now supported by the Bostonian Historical Society, the Old State House was the center of Boston civic life in the 18th century and the scene of some of the most dramatic chapters in the lead-up to the American Revolution. Within its walls, Samuel Adams, James Otis, John Hancock, and John Adams (who eventually became the 2nd President of the United States) debated the future of the British colonies. Just outside the building, five men were among the first casualties of the battle for independence, in what would later be known as the Boston Massacre. The Declaration of Independence was proclaimed from the balcony to the citizens of Boston in 1776.

Check Out the International Reception

Of special note to our international colleagues is the International Reception, where audiologists from all over the world meet to discuss issues, compare notes, set up fun dinners and tours, and just plain have a drink and watch people. Check it out :

This years International Reception is on Thursday, March 29,  7:30 – 8:30PM at the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel in Commonwealth Ballroom, AB.

Another highlight on the AAA program this year is an overview of the Blogs at Hearing Health and Technology Matters. It’s a Learning Module called the Best of the Blogs, Session #LM197  and is offered on March 30, 2012, from 2-3 PM at the Boston Exihibition and Convention Center,  Rm  257BLearning Modules are learner-focused, interactive courses on topics of current interest that provide participants with information they can use in their clinical practices. These may cover a wide variety of topics including clinical audiology, treatment, basic science, practice management, or a related field. At the session, most of the HHTM editors with be there to will discuss their particular blog, present their best 2-3 blogs of the year, and meet our readers.  Come Join Us!  All of the HHTM Editors would like to meet you!

On another note our good friend, Maree Harper, at the ZipAud Site will close her site as of March 30, 2012.  ZipAud offered international audiologists a place for a forum and lots of information that was beneficial to  all of us.  Ms Harper’s goals were to offer a FREE international community website for hearing professionals and those who work with people with balance problems or hearing loss. It was also for people in related professional fields such as speech & language therapists and pathologists.  Maree and her contributors offered a superior site to all of us around the world and we will miss her and the tremendous contributions of  Hopefully, some of you that were contributors to ZipAud will consider contributing to Hearing International at HHTM…….Maree tells us that it has been an enjoyable experience starting with the goal of connecting people who work with those who have hearing or balance difficulties. It has been a massive undertaking and a big learning experience for me personally. I have enjoyed connecting with hearing professionals from around the world and learning about how services are run. There are many passionate people working in the hearing industry and it has been great to get to know you.

At Hearing International we wish Maree, a big supporter of Hearing International, and her Twins our very best as well as invite her to submit to us as her schedule permits!

About Robert Traynor

Robert M. Traynor is a board certified audiologist with 45 years of clinical practice in audiology. He is a hearing industry consultant, trainer, professor, conference speaker, practice manager, and author. He has 45 years experience teaching courses and training clinicians within the field of audiology with specific emphasis in hearing and tinnitus rehabilitation. Currently, he is an adjunct professor in various university audiology programs.