Frank’s Sign

Above is Frank’s Sign, but it has nothing to do with this week’s Hearing International.   This week’s discussion is also not about any of the famous Franks that you know, such as “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Frank Sinatra, “heavy metal Frank”,  Frank Zappa,  “designer Frank”,  Frank Lloyd Wright, or even “Football Frank”, Frank Gifford.  Our story this week is about an interesting…

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acupuncture hearing loss treatment

Acupuncture and Hearing Loss …..Does it Really Work? Part II

Now that we had discovered the basics of acupuncture in part 1 of this series, let’s examine if it really works for patients with hearing impairment.  For most of us who work with hearing impairment each day, the thought that introducing needles into strategic points on the pinna and around the ear to cure or reduce hearing  loss,…

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