Protruding/Prominent Ear Surgery – Revisited

A couple of years ago at Hearing International we discussed a relatively new  surgical procedure that was being conducted in the UK for protruding/prominent ears.  The discussion of the Earfold procedure was so popular that in 2014 it was the Reader’s Choice for the year.  There have been so many comments to us on this topic that it…

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protruding ears cure earfold

A Cure for Badly Protruding/Prominent Ears

The protrusion of ears can be a significant problem.  We can all relate to the teasing that results from being  different, especially as teenagers.  Protruding ears  affect about 5% of the general population worldwide and  is the most frequent deformity of the head and neck area.  This week’s Hearing International will review the problem and present a new…

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