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Scarlet Fever Pandemics

The end of the year is usually a time of reflection and appreciation – for how far we have come from the dreaded days of disease that could snuff out a life before it got started and for the contributions to knowledge by those that suffered deafness through disease.   Scarlet fever  (also known as Scarlatina), with…

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The Flight of the Vin Fiz: Part I

The story of the Vin Fiz begins with the birth of Calbraith Perry Rodgers on January 1, 1879 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  He was a descendent of famous US military heroes and celebrities that also bore the names of “Perry” and “Rodgers” throughout late 18th and 19th century American history.  Oliver Hazard Perry, Rodgers’ maternal great-grandfather, won a crucial…

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