Counseling tool offers patient-centered perspective on living with hearing loss

NAERUM, DK – The Ida Institute has announced the development of a new counseling tool that provides a patient-centered approach to defining living well for a variety of hearing care patients in a range of clinical settings. Entitled Living Well – Managing Hearing Loss in Daily Life, this innovative tool takes into consideration that each person’s experience with hearing loss is unique and the qualities that contribute to living well vary from individual to individual.

The Ida Institute, a non-profit independent educational institute, was established by funding from the Oticon Foundation to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics associated with hearing loss.

In introducing this new counseling tool, Lise Lotte Bundesen, the institute’s managing director, explained, “The Living Well tool enables hearing care professionals to bring the patient’s perspective on his or her daily experience with hearing loss into the clinical setting. Clinicians can then reinforce effective communication strategies and begin to explore alternate strategies for difficult situations. This patient-centered approach allows patient and audiologist to jointly decide on new strategies to implement, set goals for improved communication, and formulate a plan for achieving those goals.”

A template, available at, enables the hearing care professional and the patient to keep a common record of decisions made and progress achieved.  A video-based user guide is also available on the web site.

Hearing care professionals can purchase Living Well – Managing Hearing Loss in Daily Life from the Ida Institute or download a free copy for self-assembly.

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