New blog section offers consumer insights

“…Living with hearing loss every day doesn’t necessarily mean we’re good at it. On the contrary, most of us suck at being hard of hearing or deaf! What we do excel at, however, is ignoring our own needs, devising ways to hide our condition, and, worst of all, meekly putting up with inaccessible conditions, simply because we don’t know how to make it otherwise.”

 So writes Gael Hannan, editor of The Better Hearing Consumer, the newest addition to Hearing Health Matters. Gael knows whereof she blogs, since she has been coping with hearing loss for as long as she can remember.

And, despite the challenges, she has been coping very well. An accomplished writer, actor, and public speaker, Gael is an effective advocate for hearing awareness, youth with hearing loss, and hearing access.

A director of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, she was a lead developer of the Hearing Foundation of Canada’s award-winning Sound Sense hearing awareness program for elementary students. She also delivers corporate sensitivity training sessions on relating to employees and clients with hearing loss.

Gael Hannan

In The Better Hearing Consumer, Gael and guest writers will offer guidance to readers in their pursuit of living successfully with hearing loss. That means, she says, “aiming for good communication in every area of our lives.”

Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, and always insightful, The Better Hearing Consumer will offer people with hearing loss and those who care about them a valuable new resource to turn to.