Rayovac announces Professionals of the Year

Scot Frink

MADISON, WIC. Scot Frink, president of Salem [OR] Audiology Clinic, was named National Hearing Professional of the Year for 2011 on November 29 by Rayovac, the largest manufacturer of hearing aid batteries in the world. Last year, Frink was named Rayovac’s Pacific Northwest Hearing Professional of the Year.

Also honored by Rayovac this year as regional Professionals of the Year were Dr. Audie Woolley, Birmingham, AL; Lori Ausperk, Cleveland, OH; Dr. Katie Harrington, Manchester, NH; Terri Daffron, Modesto, CA; and Dr. Erica Smith, Leavenworth, KS.

The Hearing Professional of the Year program recognizes the difference hearing professionals have made in the lives of others. The competition encourages patients to celebrate the skills of their hearing care providers by nominating them as best in their field. Each winner received outstanding nominations clearly demonstrating dedication to delivering outstanding care and overall enthusiasm for their profession.

A $500 donation will be made by Rayovac in the name of each regional winner to a charity of their choice. As the national winner, an additional $1000 will be donated in Frink’s name to Heal the Children. The other benefiting charities are the Alabama School for Hearing, the Kansas School for the Deaf. the Millridge Center PTG Hearing Aid Fund, the Loop New Hampshire Project, and the McHenry Museum Acquisition Fund.



Scott Frink, who took over a practice started by his father, served patients for many years as a hearing instrument specialist before earning his master’s degree in audiology in 2004 from Portland State University. He is a frequent guest speaker at industry events and serves on the Oregon State Hearing Aid Licensing Board.

The independent award program encourages patients to visit www.hearingprofessionaloftheyear.com to nominate their provider  as Hearing Professional of the Year for 2012.