Web site for persons with hearing loss gets a makeover

BETHESDA, MD—The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) has revised www.hearingloss.org, its web site, which offers authoritative information for 36 million Americans with hearing loss. The HLAA site underwent a major redesign that makes it more intuitive, provides better navigation, and makes it easier to find specific content in the vast collection of hearing loss resources available to visitors.

Brenda Battat, HLAA’s executive director, said, “We’ve made the site easier to use so we can reach even more people looking for hearing health care resources and support for hearing loss.”

The yearlong project was supported by Cochlear Americas, a leading manufacturer of cochlear implants and Baha®.

The revised online resource provides extensive and up-to-date information on hearing assistive technology; national advocacy work; HLAA’s national programs including the annual convention, the National Walk4Hearing®, Hearing Loss Support Specialists Training, online webinars, and online communities for young adults and parents.

Founded in 1979 as Self Help for Hard-of-Hearing People (SHHH), HLAA has an extensive network of state and local chapters. Its headquarters in Bethesda can be reached by phone at 301/657-2248 or by e-mail at www.hearingloss.org.