Hearing Health & Technology Matters Starts a New Journal

TUCSON, AZ–In the 18 months since the launch of The Blogs@Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), the popular online publication has published well over 1000 posts and reached 90,000 separate readers, who have viewed more than 215,000 pages.

HHTM has also quickly established an international reputation as an authoritative source of valuable information and insights for hearing professionals, hard-of-hearing consumers, and anyone else who shares our conviction that Hearing Health Matters. As a result, readership continues its exponential growth.

Now, HHTM has launched a second online publication with a different mission. The Journal@HHTM provides audiologists, hearing scientists, and other hearing care professionals with a valuable service that is not available anywhere else.

Sponsored initially by Etymotic Research, The Journal@HHTM makes peer-reviewed research and clinical presentations accessible to people around the world. Until now, only a tiny percentage of hearing-related studies have been published. And when these studies do appear in print or online journals, they are usually available only to those who pay for them or who belong to the organizations that publish them.

HHTM believes that this information should be available to everyone who could benefit from it. For that reason, The Journal@HHTM will make important research and clinical studies available free to anyone with access to the Internet.

Initially, The Journal@HHTM is publishing research posters that have been approved by peer review for presentation at major professional meetings, such as those of the American Auditory Society (AAS), the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO), the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), and the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS). Later, this new journal will publish research and clinical findings from additional sources.

To see the first publications at The Journal@HHTM, visit our site.



Authors of posters that have been presented within the past three years are invited to submit them to The Journal@HHTM. They must be submitted as they were presented, but in .pdf format, and e-mailed to HearingHealthMatters@gmail.com and marked Attention: Wayne J. Staab, PhD.  The subject on the e-mail should be “Poster Presentation.

Authors should specify the name and date of the meeting where their poster was presented, and include an e-mail address where they can be reached.



In announcing the launch of The Journal@HHTM, David H. Kirkwood, a founding editor of Hearinghealthmatters.org, stated, “We are honored that Mead Killion, PhD, founder and chief technology officer of Etymotic Research, and Gail Gudmundsen, AuD, Managing Director of Etymotic’s Audiology Division, have decided to become a sponsor our new journal.”

Kirkwood added, “Dr. Killion has earned worldwide renown as one of the foremost inventors and innovators in the area of hearing care. And the work that he and Gail and their colleagues at Etymotic do continues to break new ground in the areas of hearing care and hearing protection. Therefore, it was a great compliment when Mead told us why he and Gail had accepted our invitation to sponsor The Journal@HHTM.”

“He wrote, ‘Gail and I invested because we believe in what you are trying to do. We consider it a good investment in a new educational format.  It is not often we get a chance to make such a laudable investment in our future.’”

Kirkwood added, “All of us at HHTM look forward to serving hearing care professionals through The Journal@HHTM.”

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  1. Congratulations on your new journal feature. I’m sure it will prove useful to audiologists. As you know, the website hearinglab.org also provides access to hearing science research findings published in peer-reviewed journals. Hearinglab.org takes a different, but equally useful tack. We publish summaries of research in lay language and site the source of the work, often with direct links. I launched hearinglab.org six months ago using my background as an audiologist and science journalist to bring current research to clinical audiologists and their curious clients. In addition to summarizing research findings, I research and write original articles based on current research discoveries. My focus is always to make the research accessible to a lay audience. My work on hearinglab.org compliments well with the blogs and journal offerings on HHTM. I hope you will let your readers know about this additional resource, and that our sites can work together to help audiologists and their clients stay informed about progress in the field.

    Thanks! And again, congrats on your new service.
    Nedra Floyd-Pautler, MA (Journalism), MA (Audiology)

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