What are the telltale signs that you might be an audiologist?

When you tell people what you do for a living, do they often say, “What?”–and expect you to laugh?

 When you’re standing behind an elderly person in the supermarket checkout line, do you have to resist a powerful urge to push his earmold properly into his ear?

 Do you find battery stickers on the bottom of your shoes and in your hair?

If you answered yes to any of these, then, just possibly, you might be an audiologist.

So says the hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound in a tongue-in-cheek post that it published recently on its blog, In Your Ear.

In a variation on the comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s classic “You might be a redneck” routine, ReSound suggests some humorous ways to complete the sentence “You might be an audiologist if…” Among these are:

…you give your card to the guy in the car next to you with his speakers blasting and tell him to call you in a few years.

• …you’re not grossed out by cerumen.

• …you find yourself talking loudly for no reason.


ReSound also invited its Facebook friends to come up with some of their own telltale signs that reveal if a person is an audiologist. Their suggestions include:

• …you cringe when someone mentions using Q-tips in their ears.

• …you have a random copy of hearing aid software in the trunk of your car.

• …you bust out your sound level meter app….. in church.

To read some more funny ways to spot the audiologists in our midst, visit the ReSound blog post.







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