ReSound awards grants to “Moment Making” hearing professionals

  BLOOMINGTON, MN-Are you a hearing healthcare provider who has had a memorable, magical moment when the hearing aid you fitted or the counseling you provided brought joy to your patient? If not, you may be in the wrong profession. But if during your career you have experienced one or ten or 100 such moments that brought a smile to your patient’s face–and to yours as well–ReSound wants to hear about it.

That’s why ReSound, the North American division of the Danish-based hearing technology manufacturer GN ReSound AS, has created the Moments Movement. This new program is designed to recognize the work of hearing healthcare professionals and to record those “Moments” that inspire and motivate practitioners every day.

Through the Moments Movement, ReSound is reaching out to hearing professionals, inviting them to share the moments that have inspired them the most. In doing so, ReSound celebrates the contributions, efforts, and energy of all dedicated practitioners. Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are invited to submit their moments and also to read some of the more than 100 Moments already submitted by hearing professionals. In addition, patients are also invited to tell about their Moments at that site and to honor their provider.



Jennifer McGlothlin
Jennifer McGlothlin

For every moment that is shared on ReSound’s Moments web page, the company will add funds to be used for the Moment Maker Grant  that ReSound will award to a hearing healthcare provider each month. Recipients can use the grants for continuing education, as a scholarship, or for charitable events or mission trips.

Through the grants, ReSound seeks to support professionals as they continue to create Moments for their patients. The first grant recipient was Jennifer McGlothlin, AuD, who owns Elite Audiology & Hearing Care, a private practice in Mt. Juliet, TN. She will use the grant to attend the Tinnitus Practitioners Association (TPA) Associate Course in December.

McGlothlin said, “I have been wanting to attend the TPA course for a while now, but as a start-up practice owner, the funds just weren’t there. Now, I look forward to being able to help tinnitus sufferers with the knowledge I gain in this course.”