Free e-course from Ida Institute teaches fundamentals of patient-centered care

NAERUM, DENMARK—Hearing care professionals and students can now take a free online course and gain a practical introduction to the fundamentals of patient-centered

idabasics_pagepicture-1Developed by the Ida Institute, a non-profit organization funded by the Oticon Foundation, the Ida Basics Course is designed to encourage reflection on the clinician’s approach to patient care and suggest concepts and methods for improving current practices to provide more patient-centered care. The streamlined 60-minute course focuses on the benefits of patient-centered care for both clinicians and their patients.

To do this the course uses engaging components such as interactive exercises of real-life clinical dilemmas, a video of a clinical appointment, and short quizzes to assess understanding.

For example, in “Being a Patient,” the first exercise in the course, practitioners are instructed to put themselves in the shoes of a patient and consider questions such as:

• “Think of a time when you were a patient. What did the healthcare professional do that was helpful in the situation?”

• “What did the health care professional do that was less helpful?”

• “How can you foster more of the helpful characteristics in your own work with patients?”

Other exercises in the course address the question, “What is patient-centered care?” and discuss “Learning from clinical practice.”

Lise Lotte Bundesen, managing director of the Ida Institute, said the basic course “is a time-efficient educational investment that will pay off in long-lasting benefits for patients and clinicians.”

The course can be completed in one 60-minute session or broken into smaller sessions and completed as time allows. It is accredited for continuing education credits by a number of institutions, including the American Academy of Audiology and the British Academy of Audiology.


Ida web site honored

IWMA_Logos_2014smn related news, the Ida Institute has received the Web Marketing Association’s 2014 Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development in the Nonprofit Category. This is the fourth time that, Ida’s multimedia web site, has achieved this distinction.