Here’s a chance to honor high achievers who have surmounted hearing loss

35347SOMERSET, NJ—Do you know of someone who, despite hearing loss, has made great contributions to the community, perhaps as an advocate for others with hearing impairment? Or a hard-of-hearing young person who has achieved outstanding success? Perhaps there is a hearing professional whose extraordinary service you believe is worthy of national recognition.

If so, Oticon, Inc., wants to hear about it—no later than May 15. This year, as for the past 16 years, the New Jersey-based hearing aid manufacturer will present its Focus on People Awards to students, adults, advocacy volunteers, and hearing care practitioners who demonstrate that hearing loss does not limit a person’s ability to make a difference in their families, their communities, or the world. Through this program, Oticon aims to change outdated stereotypes that discourage people from seeking professional help for their hearing loss.

Anyone may nominate a person for a Focus on People Award using an online form from Oticon. To obtain the form and get more information about the program, visit its web site.