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Turtle Beach Partners with AuDConnex to Distribute New HyperSound Technology

SAN DIEGO—Turtle Beach Corporation has announced a distribution partnership with AuDConnex, a major hearing industry buying group, for the company’s soon-to-be-released HyperSound Clear device. The new devices are an industry first technology, and AuDConnex members will have the opportunity to offer the new devices to their patients once it becomes available.

Making further inroads into the hearing care community, the company’s latest announcement comes just a few weeks following a partnership agreement reached with the American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA), as well as a recent agreement reached with Amplified Resource Group.

Enhancing Clinic Offerings

hyprAccording to the company, the device works in a similar way as a flashlight beams a ray of light; the HyperSound Clear sends a beam of 3D audio sound directly to the targeted listeners. When immersing individuals with hearing loss in the directed beam of sound, it has been shown to improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility.

The sound beam does not impact other listeners, who can still enjoy watching the television at a normal volume level delivered through the TV speakers or sound system.

Likely to be one of the most interesting aspects of the new technology to hearing professionals is that the HyperSound Clear is programmable and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the patient’s specific hearing profile by the hearing professional right in the office.

“Nearly 85% of patients who visit a hearing specialist for the first time do so because they’re no longer able to hear and understand the TV as well as they used to. Adding a gateway product like HyperSound Clear into our portfolio, a device that immediately addresses that TV issue, is great for the overall hearing healthcare industry because it means people will start addressing their hearing issues sooner,” said Michael Iliff, AuD, AuDConnex co-founder.

According to Rodney Schutt, Senior Vice President for the HyperSound business at Turtle Beach, the new partnership with AuDConnex is “a tremendous step toward bringing hearing loss awareness to a broader market.”

The company is anticipating the release of the HyperSound Clear in late 2015.


HHTM Editor’s Note: In full disclosure to our readers, News Watch Editor Brian Taylor is currently employed with the Turtle Beach Corporation.