Audiology World News: GN Group Rebrands, introduces GN Hearing and GN Audio

By Victoria Adshead


With immediate effect GN has changed its legal company names in order to ‘support a renewed brand platform’. GN ReSound A/S has changed to GN Hearing A/S. Its flagship brand remains as ReSound and it will continue operating other specialty brands such as Beltone, Interton and Otometrics under the GN Hearing umbrella.

The headset business, GN Netcom, has also changed its name to GN Audio and will exclusively run under the Jabra brand.

The press release, issued on Friday 27th May states, “The combination of cutting-edge Jabra headsets and medical industry-leading ReSound smart hearing aid technology makes the GN Group unique in the industry.”


GN’s headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark © GN


The release continues, “We believe people will use ear-worn technology ever more to increase productivity and improve health and well-being. Intelligent audio solutions based on medical and sound expertise, in combination with always-on access to the internet and information, present a sweet spot for GN’s unique innovative expertise and market access across medical, professional and consumer target groups.


“Today, GN is the only company that can transform deep insight from both the hearing aid and the headset customers into world-leading expertise in the human auditory system, sound processing and wireless technologies. This enables the GN Group’s scientists to develop truly intelligent audio solutions that do much more than amplify speech and sound.”


By making these changes GN say they are preparing for the future of intelligent audio solutions and hearables as they look to combine their expertise in the two fields. The press release gives a hint of what is to come as GN Group’s scientists are already working on developing “Truly intelligent audio solutions that do much more than amplify speech and sound. Comprehensive solutions that today and in the future will support the user in an array of innovative ways.”

A new corporate homepage ―― has been launched to offer a first taste of the new brand platform, which will be implemented globally throughout the remainder of 2016.

The group’s subsidiaries outside of Denmark will change names during 2017 and GN Store Nord will continue to be the name of the parent company, listed on Denmark’s main index.



awnEditor’s Note: By mutual agreement,  this article is republished with permission from Audiology World News, where it originally appeared on May 30, 2016.