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American Academy of Audiology Adds “Audiology Technician Affiliate” as New Membership Category

RESTON, VIRGINIA — The American Academy of Audiology (AAA), acknowledging the increasing roles for support personnel in the audiology clinic, has announced the creation of a new membership category: Audiology Technician Affiliate.

The new membership option was decided upon after the Academy’s Audiology Assistant Subcommittee evaluated member feedback over the past two years, examining the role of technicians in other professional organizations, and looking at the current implementation of audiology technicians, to determine whether the new membership category was needed.


Audiology Technicians Growing Role


According to AAA, an audiology technician affiliate is one who provides hearing or balance care services in a supporting role for an Academy Fellow member. Audiology technician affiliate members hold all rights and obligations of Fellow membership, except they shall not vote or hold office.


“The role of an audiology technician allows audiologists to provide more high-level clinical services to a greater number of patients. Allowing technicians to have their own membership category will also strengthen the Academy in terms of growth, providing continuing education to technicians, and affording technicians with opportunities to share their ideas and concerns with audiologists.”


To be eligible for membership, the audiology technician must be sponsored and supervised by an Academy Fellow. Audiologists can visit the Academy website for more information on the new membership option.