lace aural rehab online

LACE Aural Rehabilitation Program Now Available Online

A well-known provider of computer-based aural rehabilitation, Neurotone, Inc., recently introduced LACE (Listening And Communication Enhancement) aural rehabilitation program as a completely web-based application.

LACE Online allows users to access aural rehabilitation training on any computer, laptop, or mobile device with no required download or installation. Users can log in and access training on any device and experience completely synchronized training progress.

Earlier this year, Nancy Tye Murray, Ph.D. of Washington University announced a new computer-based program called clEAR. The clEAR program uses gaming technology to try to make auditory training and aural rehabilitation more fun and engaging. Perhaps with gamification and on-line availability, aural rehabilitation and auditory training, which have had a small number of faithful advocates within the profession for many years, will see a rise in popularity.


Online Aural Rehab Training


LACE Online training is comprised of eleven 30-minute sessions of adaptive listening and memory tasks that focus on teaching users strategies for dealing with hearing loss. Training includes Speech-in-Noise, Rapid Speech, Competing Speaker and Word Memory exercises.



A version of Etymotic’s industry-standard QuickSIN tests are administered periodically as another measure of training progress. Additionally, users are provided with listening tips and strategies to help develop communication confidence.


After completing the eleven sessions, users will have unlimited access to additional training topics for further practice.


Users can opt to report their training scores to their hearing professional using a free HIPAA-compliant web site, allowing for professional tracking of progress.  

According to LACE representative, Bill Woods, a free demonstration of LACE Online is available here. More information can also be found on the Neurotone, Inc. website.