audiology assistant training program

New Audiology Assistant Training Program Available Online

MILL CREEK, WASHINGTON — In a February 15th press release, The Kingham Collective announced the release of the all new online training program, Audiology Assistant Training Online. The new program was developed to provide the industry another tool to train for the increasing role of Audiology Assistants or Technicians.  

Founded in 2016, The Kingham Collective developed the and websites as resources for innovative training courses, speaking and coaching for audiology practices throughout the US.


“By offering different subject choices in the online training, we find it’s a lot easier for practices and clinics to find the right fit for training to their exact needs. There is no guessing of what the assistant will be learning and we have full confidence that a well-educated assistant will improve the efficiency of any practice.” –Joe Furness, President, The Kingham Collective


According to Kevin St. Clergy, Partner at Medical Practice Builders: “This is a well thought out and complete training guide for Audiology Assistants.”

The company offers a 10 and 15-module option for its Audiology Assistant training program, as well as individual course options, such as Hearing Aids 101, Infection Control, and Hearing Aid Delivery.

“This knowledge is amazing. Not only was I learning about how to become a professional in the field of Audiology, I also saw myself aligning my business knowledge in a profound way to helping others with hearing loss.” said Josh Hopp, Audiology Assistant trainee.

New and past customers can visit the training site, Audiology Academy, and automatically create an account online and begin the training process.